When and Where for the White Console Table

Deciding on a white console table as an addition to the home decor can be tricky.  When considering a white accent table, one of the primary concerns is the shade of white.  Another consideration is the style and the placement of the furniture.

Simple Glass top table in whiteThe simple white table to the left offers a two panel glass top with a lower shelf.  While attractive, this table would probably not work well in a room that is filled with mostly darker woods.  However, it would be an asset for a hallway that is not particularly well lit or an entryway with lighter surroundings.

Of course, in some homes where the furniture is light wood or metal this table would be an asset.  The key to selecting this table is to remember that it should work well with the existing home furniture.  For homes with tile floors and a more casual lighter color decor, this is the ideal table for placement along a living room wall or in a hallway.

Crackle Glaze white tableOn the other hand, the pedestal console table to the right is designed to add a crackle finish to the home.  The darker wood top and shelf help create an eye appeal that would fit this table into an area with darker woods.  Not only the stained wood top and shelf add visual weight to the table, the style itself provides substance.  The white crackle glaze mitigates the overwhelming stark white of the table to the top left.

A simple visualization would tell us that the first table would probably be seen in a home in Florida that was casually decorated in frosted white wood.  Although the style may not be exactly the same as the furniture, the glass panels and the simple lines are clean and visually appealing.  Please note that this is only an example.  The simple shape and very white color could fit in many settings in many areas of the country.  The point is that the table should not appear as a small white elephant in a room.

The crackle glazed table above is far from being stark white.  It would work extremely well in a farmhouse style or with shabby chic decor.  With the right furniture adjacent to it, the table would provide a wonderful display piece without distracting from the setting.

The white table to the left, by style, is designed for a more formal setting.  For those who have a more formal living area with other frosted white wood in the room, this is an excellent choice.  While the table is white with a mirrored top, the ornament along the table skirt will provide shadowing that again mitigates the white, not as much as the distressed crackle glaze to the above right, but sufficiently to make the table work in a formal area with complementary styles of furniture.

A white console table can be an asset for an area or it can become a distraction.  When considering a narrow table in white to fill a void along a wall, consider the shade of white and the style.  If the table appears to work in an area, chances are it will.  If the table is all that you see when you visualize the setting, walk away.