What is a Half Moon Console Table?

Half Moon TableThe http://guidetohomefurniture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/mct2.jpghalf moon console table is one that has a curved front.  It almost looks as if a whole table has been cut in two.  The example to the left is the simplest shape of the half moon style table.

All half moon console tables are not perfectly rounded.  In fact, the first tables commissioned by Louis XIV were more of a scalloped shape.  With that in mind, a general rule of thumb is to remember that if the console table has a flat back and curved front it is called a half moon console table.

This particular style is also noted by the legs.  In the picture to the left, the more modern console table has four legs, although that is not a requirement of modern or contemporary half moon tables, with the front two placed closer together and the back legs supporting the back edges.

As shown on the Louis XIV console table there are three legs which are joined by a decorative shelf near the feet.  The triple leg table is most often found in the more formal designs from eras prior to the 20th century, although most are probably reproductions.


The contemporary console table to the left is in the half moon style.  Please note that the contemporary style is far more delicate than the Louis XIV style which had heavy gilding.

The rounded front makes it ideal for placement in a room between windows or doors, eliminating the possibility of bumping into a sharper edge as found on those in the rectangular shape.  Please note the nicely curved saber legs that continue the gently curving style. With a depth of only 12″ the table will not extend into the room as most of us do not walk that close to the walls.

The tripod legs and the shallow depth give this half moon console table stability.