Using a Console Table with Drawers

Until recent decades console tables were only used as display pieces.  Beyond that they were not functional.  However, as the evolution continued furniture designers found that narrow drawers would not detract, but in some cases add value and visual appeal.  It must be clear that some styles and designs still persist as display pieces only.  However, there are places in the home where a console table with drawers will be an asset and other places where the design and value of having drawers will be diminished.

Best Places to Use a Console Table with Drawers

Family Room

Often in the family room or den there is a wall that needs “something” to fill an empty space.  The use of a console table is a good choice.  Occasionally, placing a frame chair at one end of the console table will create a nice appeal.

Generally speaking, the den or family room is a more casual area of the home.  An oak console table may be a good match for the existing furniture.  Oak is heavy enough to look casual and usually the styling of a piece of furniture made of oak can be in a heavier style to match the wood.  Whether the table is in a wood stain or is painted, depending on the space allotted, a good choice could be a table with a row, maybe two rows of drawers.

When using a longer console table in the family room, it is best to look for one that is rectangular in shape.  A curved front or half moon console table will probably not be as long because of the proportions that must be maintained to support the curved front.

Another style that can be used often looks more like a chest rather than a console table.  When we think of in terms of console table, we often think of a table with longer legs.  However, the blend between the console table and small chests have blended in recent years.  Please note that the oak console table to the right is an example of a table with drawers, a shelf, and baskets along the bottom.

Kitchen or Breakfast Room

Depending on space in the kitchen, such as a large family kitchen with an eating area or an adjoining breakfast room, either of the console tables shown to the above right could be used.  The drawers would allow ample space for placement of flatware and/or placemats.  The dark oak console table with drawers and baskets would be ideal for holding a table cloth or perhaps a few kitchen towels.

In many smaller casual eating areas in the house a place is needed that is close to the table or counter in order to keep the flatware and table setting accessories close at hand.  These tables again should most often be rectangular in shape.  A half moon console table would not work well in a room with a table adjacent.  Try to visualize two rounded pieces of furniture in close proximity with the rounded edges facing each other.

The white console table (above left) would work well in a breakfast room of near a back entry.  There is ample storage room in the drawers for flatware and other small articles.  The style lends itself to a more casual style, perhaps even a farmhouse kitchen.  For shabby chic or a rustic farmhouse, the table to the right is almost identical in style to the white table, only far more rustic in a natural finish.

Large Entry or Vestibule

Depending on the wall space available, a large front entry or vestibule is an ideal place for a console table with drawers.  In the entry the table can either be rectangular or half moon, again depending on the style of furniture used in the adjacent rooms and the allotment of space.

Many styles of more formal tables can seen in retail stores and online.  It is important to remember that the smaller drawers are far more delicate in appearance than those tables with deeper drawers as shown directly above.  In many cases the tables with the thinner drawers have drawers that often appear no larger than the skirt beneath the table top.  The larger the drawers, the heavier the piece of furniture will appear.  It is important to maintain a balance of proportion.  The console table should not overwhelm the area, but complement it.

The Bottom Line on Using Console Tables with Drawers

A console table with drawers can be used in any place that has ample space for the piece of furniture (remember the “Divine Proportion“”) and anywhere the drawers can open easily without interrupting the flow of traffic.