Tilt Bathroom Mirrors: Universal Design

Tilt bathroom mirrors are the mirrors for everyone.  We strongly suggest the consideration of this universal design when building a new home or updating an existing bathroom.  Why?  The answer is simple, although often not considered.  The ability to tilt the angle of the mirror will make it useful for all who enter the bathroom.

Tilt Bathroom Mirrors Selections

As adults we are all different heights and would be well suited for a mirror that can be adjusted.  But, think about the kids who are quite short.  Often with smaller wall hung mirrors above the lavatory they may only be able to see the very tops of their heads.

Tilt Mirrors for the Disabled or Elderly

For the wheelchair disability the tilt mirror may be the only way to see himself in the bathroom.  The elderly may need to sit while combing their hair or brushing their teeth, even if not confined to a wheelchair.

When making the selection, each family should consider its needs.  As more and more adults find themselves taking care of their parents in their homes, creating a “universal” environment can make the care easier and less stressful for both those in need and those who give care.

Additional Benefits of Tilt Bathroom Mirrors

This simple addition or change to the bathroom will make the bathroom look new and fresh, bring to life an outdated decor.

Recently, I was asked to visit a home that was about to be put on the market.  The seller was asking for a few pointers on adding value to the appearance of the home.  My first suggestion was the tilted mirror.  The cost is inexpensive for the value added.  In fact, the seller requested that tilt mirrors be placed in the home she was building.

While remodeling a bathroom can become quite expensive, adding a simple mirror can add value for little cost.