The Single or One Bedroom Apartment

What is a Single?

A single apartment is commonly known as a one bedroom apartment.  In the single the sleeping area is a separate room.  Quite often these apartments are small and the bedrooms are designed strictly for sleeping, offering little room for anything other than a bed and dresser or chest of drawers.

Of course, there are exceptions.  Some single apartments have a larger bedroom and good sized living-dining area.  In most cases, the size of the living and sleeping areas is dependent on location and rent.  For example, in the southern states where rent is relatively low the square footage of a single apartment could rival the square footage of a two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

Another determining factor in the size of apartments has to do with when they were built.  Generally speaking, older apartments are larger than the newer ones.  Years ago when apartments were being built cost of building was not nearly as high as today.

How to Furnish a Single


Of course, furniture selection will be somewhat determined by size of the apartment.  Unlike the studio apartment, a traditional bed can be used with ease.  In most cases, single apartment dwellers select a “double bed” or a full bed.  Many prefer the queen or king sizes, but the extra length or width of either could eliminate the ability to add a dresser or chest of drawers and still have walking room.

Living Room

General living room furniture can be used.  However, I would caution against large bulky pieces that are placed side by side.  If you decide to go for the sectional pieces, measure first, measure second, buy third.

Dining Room

Perhaps, dining room should be called dining area.  Most single apartments either include the dining area as a part of the living area or as a very small alcove area that opens into the living area.

For that reason, a bistro style table and chairs or a small “kitchen” table is often preferred over a typical dining room table with 6 or 8 chairs.  Again, measure first, measure second, buy third.