The Round Kitchen Table

The round kitchen table is often a good choice when looking for a table to fill the small corner of the kitchen or a small breakfast room.  Often, buyers will look for a square or rectangular table to “fit” the space without taking into consideration the advantages of round vs. square.  For some reason, some of us may think that we will be able to seat more people around a square or rectangular table.  Comfort should be the primary concern and crowding adults or too many kids onto a kitchen table bench that often accompanies the rectangular shaped table can be so uncomfortable that all the enjoyment of a meal will be diminished.

Round kitchen tables will probably either be a pedestal table or a bistro table.  It is worth noting that the bistro table is also a pedestal table in most cases, just smaller.

Bistro Style Round Kitchen Table

Metal and Wood Bistro Set

Metal and Wood Bistro Table and Chairs – Click picture for purchase details

Needless to say, the bistro table is designed for a small area and usually has only two chairs that come with the set.  We have all seen them in the ice cream parlors, at outdoor cafes or coffee shops, on patios and in small apartments.  Most often the bistro table is for outdoor use, although more and more manufacturers have begun making them of wood materials specifically for indoor use.  Either will make great small round kitchen table.

Pedestal Table

Round Pedestal Table

Ideal Pedestal Kitchen Table – Click picture for purchase details

The typical pedestal table is large in circumference.  We have all seen the pedestal table used on The Charlie Rose Show, where the style has definitely gained prominence.

The pedestal kitchen table is typically made of wood and is usually quite heavy.  In many cases, the same pedestal style can be used in a large eat-in kitchen, breakfast room, or a formal dining room.  It all depends on style and interior decor.

Advantages of a Round Kitchen Table

  • Variety of sizes
  • Leaves available to expand pedestal tables
  • No sharp corners to navigate around
  • More seating, better spaced
  • Variety of materials and colors

Shopping for the Round Kitchen Table

Naturally, shopping for a round kitchen table can be made simple and/or it can be fun.  Shopping in a retail furniture store or online can be the easiest way to decide on the right table for the kitchen or the breakfast room.

The most common find will be the round country kitchen table, with “country” being the focus.  Retailers have found that for the more casual settings they can sell the country style with ease.  The table will have a rather bulky pedestal with turns that resemble the Colonial styling.  Always look for a table that is slightly smaller in diameter than what is needed to fill the area.  Just because chairs filled with people can comfortably surround the table, one must allow for someone to pass behind the chair.  There is always a straggler or someone has to get up to go to the kitchen.  Allow extra space.

For the kitchen placement, a small round kitchen table is preferable to a larger one in most cases.  The table should not make the room look heavy in its corner.  For example, if all the kitchen is white and an natural oak stained table is placed in one corner, the darker table will draw attention and create a heavier look in the area.

Shopping for a Used Round Table

On a more personal note, I believe in shopping for used furniture when possible.  This does not mean that I like cheap or broken furniture.  It means that I love to buy top quality furniture at the best prices.  This is not for everyone.  Sometimes a little work is required to make the used table look like you want, but in the long run it is worth it for me.

First of all, if shopping for a used round wood table, read the articles on Used Furniture.  There are plenty of hints on how to make a successful purchase.

Why Shop for a Used Table

  • Most used tables for the kitchen are solid wood, not veneers.  That is a plus.
  • There may be no chairs with the table, but that is a plus.  You can always pick up chairs that you like.
  • If shopping for a pedestal table, the leaf may be missing — negotiate the price downward.
  • Always negotiate based on flaws.  Don’t get picky about a tiny scratch.  Point out a scratch that goes into the wood surface.  You get the idea.
  • If you prefer a special color for the table, you can always paint it.  Most of us would not paint a new table.
  • As always, negotiate for your price.

Happy Shopping!