The Oak Console Table

The oak console table is one that is commonly found in many of the more casual areas of the home.  Oak is a wood that offers a heavier and more substantial appearance and is often associated with casual furniture, although it can be used for any style.  The grain of the oak, especially when stained in a natural shade, is often decorative all by itself, not requiring and in some cases prohibiting excessive design.

Oak is generally a lighter wood in tone and color when used for furniture.  As such, it is associated with casual styles and in some cases bulkier pieces of furniture, although as we will see, it is a wonderful selection for the console table.  Oak is durable and will withstand the test of time.  However, it is necessary to purchase solid oak for a good piece of furniture.

Oak Console Table with DrawerIt is quite easy to see that most oak tables shown have straight or tapered legs.  Even the modified Queen Anne style to the left has minimal shape to the leg.  Again, the grain of the wood is more important to the overall appearance than the shape.  For that reason, please note that most of the lines on our oak selections are straight or only slightly curved.

Painted Oak Console TableOak can also be painted as shown to the right.  However, unless the decor dictates a painted table, it is quite a shame to hide the texture of the wood.  Of course, if the table is purchased at auction or in a used furniture shop for use in a shabby chic decor, painting it is quite understandable and perhaps, expected.

One of the benefits of using such a hard wood when making a narrow, long table is that the wood will not bow or dip.  For this reason, many oak console tables are also considered folding tables, such as flip-top console at the top right or the drop leaf oak console to the left.

Additionally, it is very common to see console tables made of oak displaying one or more drawers, although they may not be deep.  Again, the durability of the wood allows for the additional weight without worrying about bowing the center surface.

While the use of oak has unlimited possibilities of styles for console tables, the Colonial style, the Mission style, or any of the early American motifs seem to be predominant.  It is as much about the color of the wood when stained and the excellent texture of the wood.  The simplicity of design only adds to the beauty of the wood itself.

Buying Oak Console Tables at Auction or at a Thrift Store

The oak console table is one of the best selections for an auction bid or when shopping in a used furniture store.  The wood is solid, and little damage can be done to the surface.  Unless the table has been stored for an extended period of time in a himid or unprotected area, the surface should not be bowed.  If the table has drawers, be certain to check the bottoms of the drawer for stability.

Refinishing oak is easy or using Howard’s to restore the coloring without refinishing is easier.  Painting for a shabby chic decor can easily be done with several coats of matte finish spray paint.