The Daybed with Trundle for a Larger Sleeping Area

Just when you thought the daybed was the answer to your sleeping situation in a small apartment, a spare bedroom, or any other living space where another bed is needed, the daybed with trundle offers even more sleeping space.  Whether the need is for a kids bedroom so a friend can sleep over or for an apartment when your sister pops in for a visit, the daybed with trundle beneath gives double the sleeping area.

What is a daybed with trundle?

We have discussed the advantages of a daybed as well as the many uses.  A daybed with trundle offers twice the sleep area by providing a mattress on wheels that rolls under the daybed during the day and pulls out at night to provide a second sleeping surface.

The typical trundle daybed offers the equivalent of two twin beds, side by side, with one a mattress thickness higher than the trundle mattress.

Where would I use a daybed with trundle?

The most logical place to use the daybe with trundle beneath would be in a child’s room.  The trundle makes it possible for the little girl or little boy in the family to have a friend over to spend the night without having to go to extra trouble.  Just pull the trundle out and there are two twin beds for a good night of sleep, if they ever go to sleep.

Most children’s rooms in newer homes are relatively small.  For that reason many families have opted to use a twin bed or a daybed for the child.  This leaves additional space for playing or for the small desk for doing homework without overcrowding the room.  However, with a twin bed or daybed it can be awkward to have a friend over for the night or weekend.  The daybed with trundle eliminates the problem.

The Variety of Selections

Square shaped black metal daybed with trundle

Black Metal Twin Size Daybed with Trundle

There is a trundle daybed for every room and for every budget.  The black metal twin size daybed to the left is simple and inexpensive for what it offers.  The frame is rectangular that would lend itself to use in either a boy’s room or a girl’s room.  A daybed cover would be needed to complete the look when the bed is being used as a sofa.

Curved frame daybed with trundle in matt black metal

Matt Black Metal Twin Size Day Bed (Daybed) Frame

The curved matt black metal twin size daybed with trundle frame is more feminine than the previous one.  It would fit best in a girl’s room, or in a college dorm room.  Again, this is the simplest of frames but serves the purpose at a most affordable price.

Wooden Stickley-style Daybed with TrundleWooden Daybed with Trundle – Honey Finish

The Wooden Honey Finish Daybed with Trundle is in the Stickley design with little ornament but a sleek look in a lighter honey wood that would work well in any boy’s room.  Note that on this trundle daybed there is a cabinet for the trundle rather than leaving the lower mattress to view.  This adds to the many ways to design the room decor as a daybed cover would not necessarily be required.


Traditional Style Black Daybed with TrundleTraditional Style Black Finish Daybed with Trundle

The daybed with trundle to the left is in a traditional style that could complement almost any decor.  This daybed could be used in a child’s room, a guest room, or even the home office.

Cherry Daybed with TrundleTraditional Style Cherry Finish Daybed with Trundle

This cherry finish traditional style daybed with trundle has a trundle cabinet that has three faux drawers adding a more detailed appearance.  The traditional style is also available in an oak finish.

What about a double daybed or a daybed with pop-up trundle?

Many people would love a daybed but would prefer it to be a double bed of full size bed rather than a twin size bed.  For that reason today there are daybeds with pop-up trundles.  In other words, when the trundle is rolled out into sleeping position, the trundle will pop-up or raise to the same height as the other mattress.  This creates a full bed.  The daybed with pop-up trundle looks the same as the daybed with trundle as shown above.

When ready to purchase the full size sleep surface just look for the pop-up trundle.