The Black Console Table

Painted Oak Console TableConsole tables can best be described as accent pieces.  Of all the furniture purchased for the home, the console table is one of the few pieces that is purchased separately.   It is not included as a part of a living room suite or any other furniture set.  This table is the one piece that relies on the buyer’s selection and preference.  There are several styles and finishes that can make the decor of a home, transitioning from one room to another.

Black Console TableThe black console table is one of the unique pieces of furniture that can create a focal point where one is needed.  In some cases the color sets the tone for the decor as much as the design.  For example, the black table above is oak, painted black, with four drawers.  That particular table will work quite well in a contemporary room setting or entryway.  The black Parson style console table to the left will work well in a contemporary or an ultra-modern setting, depending on the adjacent furniture.

The curved front (half moon) antique black console table to the right is formal enough to complement a decor that is designed for finer antiques, meaning more delicate proportions as opposed to primitive styles.

As recognized from the three pictures above, the style, the shape and the design of the furniture is important to the selection, while the black color allows the furniture to become neutral in that it will work well with most other woods, although mahogany may be too dark to be placed adjacent to the accent table.

The black Mission table directly above (left) will work quite well with lighter woods in either the Mission style or what is known as Stickley.  What is important to note is that this Mission console table is probably not suited to fill the empty space in a hallway, but would work better along a wall in a room.  With two lower shelves, it is easy to see that this table will collect ornaments and accessories, making it suitable for wall space in a casual decor as is the black table directly above right.

When to Select a Black Console Table

The color of the walls as much as the shades of the wood in the surrounding room can help determine if a black console table is the right choice.  Obviously, there are shades of grey and off white that will definitely accept a black accessory piece.  While most wall colors will work well with black, some better than others, it then becomes dependent on one’s preference.  But, that’s what home interior really should be all about, personal preferences.

It must be mentioned that most “black” furniture is not truly black.  In fact, it is a shade of dark grey.  Just as exterior window shutters and outdoor furniture may look black from a distance, often it is a very dark green — almost black.  The fact is that true black is often too black for many interiors, the exception being in a room that is black and white such as an ultra modern stark setting.

It is best to think of it this way.  When women say they have black hair, few actually do.  Most have hair that is such a dark shade of brown that it appears black to the eye, but there are always highlights that soften the true shade of black.  We have all seen hair that has been dyed black, too black.  It looks unnatural.  Such is the case with the black console table.

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