The Advantages of Having a Daybed

There are numerous advantages to having a daybed.  But, before we discuss the advantages it may be useful to answer a few other questions.

What is a Daybed?

This daybed frame is a good example of the three sided bed that can be used as a sofa.A daybed is a twin bed (most often) that has three sides, giving it the appearance of a deep couch.   The picture above is a good example of a daybed frame.

How large is a Daybed?

Simply put, it is the size of a twin bed.  The bottom or the cushion for sitting or sleeping is actually a twin bed mattress.  A twin bed mattress is 39″ wide and 75″ long.  Add a few inches for the frame and you can figure the size of the daybed.

Is a Daybed deeper than a Sofa?

The thick pillows and cushions along the back of the daybed reduce the depth of the seat.The average sofa has a seat depth of 18″ to 22″ so as you can tell the depth of a daybed at 39″ is close to double the depth of a standard sofa.  For that reason, you will need pillows to fill the back of the daybed for sitting to reduce the daybed seat depth to that of a comfortable seat.  Of course, when you think about the depth of a sofa seat you are not considering the thickness of the back of the sofa.  Pillows on the daybed will act as the back of the sofa.

Does that mean the Daybed will take up twice as much room as a sofa?

The simple answer is NO.  When talking about seat depth of a sofa that does not take into consideration the back of the sofa.  Depending on the thickness and the curvature of the back of a sofa some may be as deep as a daybed.   However, because of the construction and set up the daybed may look deeper.

Do all daybeds look so rectangular and so much like a bed?

Again, the simple answer is NO.  The daybed can look more like a sofa than you may think.  Selecting a daybed that is appropriate to its use and location in the house is important.  Some daybeds look very much like a sofa.

This daybed looks very much like a standard sofa.

Selecting the Daybed Frame to Fit the Decor

Browsing the pictures of our examples, it is easy to see that the daybed frame can be made of wood, metal, rattan, wicker and any other material that one can find in solid furniture.  This is a great advantage to those who want to add a daybed to the home decor.  While the daybed bedding can really finish off the look to fit the decor, it is the daybed frame that becomes important to the overall appearance and how well the daybed will fit with the existing decor.

Not only is the material from which the frame is made important to creating a consistent visual appeal in a room, but it is also important to note that daybeds do come in a variety of styles.  Realistically, due to the use of the daybed, it will most often not be found in a wide variety of furniture styles but there are more than sufficient styles to fit into almost any decor.


What is the difference between a daybed and a futon?

A daybed has a twin bed mattress.  The mattress on a futon folds to create the seating area and the back of the “sofa” when in a seating position.  The daybed does not have to expand to create a comfortable sleeping surface.  The futon usually has a back that lowers to create a sleeping surface.  Therefore, the futon will require more room when “open” than it does while in the seating position.

The blue futon is open in the top picture and in the seating positon in the lower pictures.

The futon at the top is open for sleeping. At the bottom it is folded into the sitting position.

Additionally, the daybed mattress is considerably more comfortable than a futon mattress since the daybed mattress is a “real” twin bed mattress.  The futon mattress is usually thinner and not as well cushioned since it actually folds.

The advantages of having a daybed

For those who are going off to college and sharing an apartment with friends, the daybed is ideal for the bedroom and for study and reading time.  Each of us enjoys a bit of privacy from time to time.  A daybed creates a good sleeping surface, offering a night of sleep equal to any twin bed as compared to a futon.  Yet, if friends are over to study or work on a project inviting them to the bedroom for a study session creates the atmosphere of being in a study.

For teenagers who have friends over for afternoon studying, parents in particular will probably prefer the daybed to a regular twin bed.  No parent is thrilled to see her daughter stretched out on a bed with a young man while they are studying.  The daybed gives a bit of a more formal setting and may help keep the minds on studying rather than mischief.

For the young professional moving to the big city, the cost of an apartment can be almost prohibitive.  It is not uncommon for young professionals to rent a loft apartment.  As a professional, most do not want to invite new friends over to visit them in a bedroom.  As shown in a previous example, a daybed can pass easily as a sofa with the proper covering and bedding.

For the work at home mom or dad often space is limited.  A daybed in the home office can pass as a sofa during work hours and serve as a bed if a guest should come for the night.  And, it is better than sleeping on a sofa if “he” finds himself in the doghouse.

Again, a daybed will fit well in some family rooms giving additional bedding if needed.

The advantages of having a daybed when and where possible are numerous as indicated.  The materials of constructions as equally as numerous.  Some rooms would require a wood frame.  Other rooms will work well with an iron or brass frame.  Whatever your room and your decor calls for, there is a good chance that there is a daybed for you.

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