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Cottage Style/Shabby Chic

What is Distressed Furniture? That is the first question we need to ask and answer.  Simply put, distressed furniture is any piece that has a few nicks and bruises, so to speak.  Often the finish is cracked or crackled.  That is the very simple answer. New furniture that has the appearance of being distressed is [...]

Cottage style furniture is special.  It often mirrors the personality of the home owner or apartment dweller.  While it is not inconceivable that cottage style decor fits into our larger homes with a bit of ease, most of us think of cottage style as a compact style that fits into our bungalows or as the [...]

Cottage style furniture is perhaps one of the most eclectic collections of all time.  Shabby chic has been one of the major trends in some areas in recent years.  Cottage style could be described as shabby chic organized and updated.  I’m not about to knock anything that is labelled “shabby chic”.  The truth is I [...]