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What is Distressed Furniture? That is the first question we need to ask and answer.  Simply put, distressed furniture is any piece that has a few nicks and bruises, so to speak.  Often the finish is cracked or crackled.  That is the very simple answer. New furniture that has the appearance of being distressed is [...]

The Victorian furniture era had some very specific pieces that were typical of the period. Among the most classic of Victorian pieces was the “etagere” also commonly known as a “whatnot”. These particular pieces were stands with shelves atop them. Many were extremely ornate and highly decorated. Often mirrors would be a part of the [...]

Cottage style furniture is special.  It often mirrors the personality of the home owner or apartment dweller.  While it is not inconceivable that cottage style decor fits into our larger homes with a bit of ease, most of us think of cottage style as a compact style that fits into our bungalows or as the [...]

Cottage style furniture is perhaps one of the most eclectic collections of all time.  Shabby chic has been one of the major trends in some areas in recent years.  Cottage style could be described as shabby chic organized and updated.  I’m not about to knock anything that is labelled “shabby chic”.  The truth is I [...]

The period of Louis XVI was an era of change in more respects than furniture design. Louis XIV had brought on the era of ostentatious design in furniture, architecture, and all other areas of French life for the elite. Louis XV carried the excesses beyond imagination. Louis XVI marked his era with delicate, feminine styles. [...]

Typical Oval Queen Anne Dining Table

Auctions can be one of the best places to look for high quality furniture, especially solid wood pieces such as a Queen Anne dining table or a complete set of Queen Anne dining room furniture. What you should know and do before buying a Queen Anne dining table at auction: Pre-view the Queen Anne dining table.  [...]

Typical Oval Queen Anne Dining Table

With the Queen Anne dining table being as fashionable as it is today, it is quite easy to find reproductions of original Queen Anne tables or new dining tables in the Queen Anne style. New reproductions of the Queen Anne style can be found in almost any furniture store.  Dining tables in the Queen Anne style [...]

For some reason when we walk through retail furniture stores looking for dining room suites we most often find ourselves looking at Queen Anne dining room furniture.  In fact, Queen Anne dining tables and chairs have been favorites for years. When shopping the retail furniture stores for Queen Anne dining sets, most often there will [...]

Louis XV followed the long reign and the extravagant furniture designs of Louis XIV with more of both.  Louis XV furniture began with the style the XIVth had last brought into fashion, Rocco styling with a mixture of too many motifs. The reign of Louis XV continued with the free flow of large sums of [...]

Louis XIV furniture, the first of the notable French styles, was coming into prominence in France while the Jacobean period was flourishing in England. During the reign of Louis XIV France was ranked first among all the European nations, exerting powerful influence in the areas of art, design, and politics.  The surrounding countries fell under [...]

Antique William and Mary Dining Chairs

The antique William and Mary dining chairs pictured above are among the best examples I have seen of the William and Mary style.  These two chairs were sold with the other four matching chairs at auction. The dining chairs pictured are made of walnut, the wood of favor during the William and Mary era.  It is [...]

Set of Four Authentic Jacobean Dining Chairs

The set of four antique Jacobean dining chairs above demonstrates the square feet that were common during the earlier Jacobean era or the Cromwellian period.  The stretchers are turned in the front to soften the rigid look common to many of the earliest Jacobean pieces. Although upholstery is rare for Jacobean period furniture, dining chairs would have been [...]

The Brothers Adam style, perhaps better known as Robert Adam furniture, marked the end of individualistic styles that were  created during what has become known as the golden age of furniture.  It bears mentioning that furniture had never seen such creative designs before or after the golden age.  The Brothers Adam or Robert Adam styles [...]

Without a doubt Thomas Sheraton was the last and perhaps the best of English furniture designers and makers, adding his name to the top four along with Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite and Robert Adam.  The Sheraton furniture style dominated the years between 1790 and 1806. Unlike his designer contemporaries or predecessors Thomas Sheraton was barely [...]

Hepplewhite furniture created by George Hepplewhite, about whom little is known, ranks with Thomas Chippendale as a designer and creator of a unique and meritorious style which took hold in 1770 and extended through 1790. As mentioned, little is known about George Hepplewhite’s life beyond the fact that he ranks among the four greatest designers of [...]

The Chippendale furniture style that was best known between 1749 and 1779 was the creation of Thomas Chippendale.  In fact, Thomas Chippendale was the first creator to have a style of furniture named after him.  He is known as a great designer but in fact he was a great adapter.  That is not to take anything [...]

The style of Queen Anne furniture began in 1702 and lasted until 1714.  While the era of Queen Anne was short lived, the style of Queen Anne furniture is one of the more common and more popular styles today. Not long following Queen Anne’s ascendancy to the throne the furniture named for her period in [...]

Following the Jacobean Period, the William and Mary era brought in a new era of furniture design.  The William and Mary furniture period was relatively short lived, from 1688 to 1702, but marked significant design changes from the previous era. Just as the Carolean Period, the last wave of the Jacobean Period, was heavily influenced [...]

The Jacobean period began in 1603 and continued until 1688 or 1689.  While most may think that all Jacobean furniture designs are very similar, it is worth mentioning that there were three distinct furniture styles that fall under the umbrella of the Jacobean period, occasionally referred to as the Stuart Period. Jacobean Furniture from 1603-1649, [...]