The Studio Apartment

What Is a Studio Apartment?

It’s about as small an apartment as you can find.  The living and sleeping areas occupy the same space.  In other words, you live in the space by day and sleep in the space by night.  A studio apartment is often called an “efficiency apartment.”

A typical floor plan is shown to the right.  You get the idea.  Every area in the studio apartment should end in “-ette”, meaning small — such as the kitchenette.

In all honesty, I love the idea of a studio apartment.  It is efficient and you must be, too, if you live in one.  No dirty dishes in the sink, no used towels on the bathroom floor, and the bed must be made if you are not asleep in it.  Get the idea?  Once you open the door and enter the studio everything is within view.

Let me just say here and now — the studio apartment is perfect for the minimalist and a nightmare for the hoarder.  It is ideal for a college student who intends to study and does not want roommates.  It is perfect for the single person living in a big city where rents are high.

How to Furnish the Studio Apartment

I guess the simple answer would be for a young lady I would start with a daybed and for the young man, well, just go for the bed and forget it.  That would hold true especially for college students.  But, let’s get serious.

I once lived in a studio apartment and was as happy as I have ever been.  Of course, I was single at the time, working full time, and engaged in lots of outdoor activities.  However, I found it essential to be comfortable when I was at “home”.

Sleeping Options:

A Bed
Murphy Bed
 As you can see, there are plenty of options.

The first being a typical bed in the living/sleeping area and foregoing a living area as such.  That could work in some cases but let’s face it, it could make any guests a bit uncomfortable.

The next option is the Murphy Bed, which is a very unique and increasingly popular style of bed.  Of course, this is not the first time around for the Murphy Bed.  It is something to consider as it folds up and pulls down.

My favorite option is the daybed.  It comes in so many varieties today that it is ideal for many homes, not just studio apartments.

There are other things to consider as well, but for today…. sleep is important.