Shopping Thrift Stores for Used Twin Beds for Kids

Shopping thrift stores can be a wonderful way to discover older furniture that is solid wood and in good to excellent shape for a great value.  Thrift stores and used furniture stores are not what most people think they are.  And, quite often “antique auctions” do not live up to the hype.  Shopping for used twin beds for the kids’ bedroom can be a great savings for the family while providing a wonderful way to decorate.  For now, the discussion is shopping thrift stores and used furniture stores for beds, although the general principles will apply to other furniture selections.

Another favorite shopping source for furniture is what the owners like to label antique shops.  In most smaller towns the so-called antique shops are generally collectible stores.  While an occasional legitimate and authentic antique may be found, most often the selections consist of moderately old furniture (50-70 years) and furniture that is not in pristine condition.

There will be other discussions about furnishing the home with furniture that is of excellent quality at lower than average prices.  As for thrift stores and used furniture stores, the best deals I have found have been on single beds, dressers, and chests of drawers.

Why to Shop Thrift Stores and Used Furniture Stores for Kids Beds

  • Lower prices than shopping a retail furniture store
  • Often a better quality of furniture.  It goes without saying that many of the pieces of furntiure will not be as polished or scratch free, but the quality of the wood and the construction will generally be better.
  • You can buy the piece — a single piece in most cases — without having to purchase an entire bedroom suite.
  • The price on a twin bed for a kids room can be as high as $400 or more in some retail furniture stores and as low as $50 or even $25 in thrift stores or a used furniture store.

With a little effort, a good weekend project perhaps, the twin bed can be converted into a stylish bed that can be used for years.

This is just one of the options for a twin bed purchased from the thrift store. Do not be afraid to use colors. They can always be changed.