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The bathroom is one of the two most important rooms in the home to keep updated and fresh in appearance. The other is the kitchen. These two rooms are also the most expensive to upgrade because of the permanent fixtures: sinks, lavatories, bathtubs, toilets, tile flooring, water resistant walls, and so on.

However, updating the bathroom can be done one piece at a time. I always look first at those things that are eye-catching while being affordable. The bathroom mirror is a great place to start.

Accessories, such as towels and clothes hampers, are things that can be changed to bring a touch of life to the room. Because the bathroom is usually small, keeping it clean and free of clutter can be the place to start.


Tilt bathroom mirrors are stylish and functional. Take a look at the possibilities.

If there is one room in the house that can date the age of the home and keep it stuck in the past it has to be the bathroom.  The quickest, easiest and often most effective way to update a bathroom is with new bathroom mirrors.  Most older homes either have the old style medicine [...]