Queen Anne Style Cherry Finish Wood Dressing Table, Bench & Mirror

This is an example of an updated Queen Anne style dressing table with bench and mirror.  The Queen Anne styling has definitely been updated for a more feminine look.  The feet of the table and the bench are more delicate than the original Queen Anne styles, although this design is more appealing as it offers less bulk.

The dressing table or vanity was designed to be feminine and this one is a perfect example of a good style for the bedroom of today.

This table is smaller than many of the older versions from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Unlike many of the earlier tables in this style there are no side drawers, but instead a single center drawer beneath the table top.  Detail has been paid to the drawer handle as it represents those that would have been originally used with the Queen Anne style.

The bench is simple as most were.  Although the seat is upholstered, if the color or fabric is not to one’s liking, it can easy be replaced.  Unlike some upholstery work, this replacement can be easily done by a novice.  In fact, to recover the stool seat, it would probably be easy to just cover the seat as it is without removing the present fabric.

The tri-fold mirror is the perfect selection for the dressing table.  More and more single mirrors are being used.  However, with the tri-fold mirror, it is easy to see more angles of the head and face.