Queen Anne Dining Room Furniture

For some reason when we walk through retail furniture stores looking for dining room suites we most often find ourselves looking at Queen Anne dining room furniture.  In fact, Queen Anne dining tables and chairs have been favorites for years.

Example of Queen Anne Dining Table

Example of Queen Anne Dining Table

When shopping the retail furniture stores for Queen Anne dining sets, most often there will be an oval dining table  or a rectangular table with rounded corners usually with an extra leaf to add length to the table for guests.  Generally speaking, there will be six Queen Anne dining chairs, four without arms that are placed on the sides of the table and two with arms that are placed at either end of the table — the head and the foot.

During the Queen Anne furniture era the wood of choice was walnut.  However, when shopping today it is most common to find cherry Queen Anne dining sets in the retail market.  Cherry is a beautiful wood for the Queen Anne dining table and chairs.  With the appropriate finish the cherry will shine through and show its rich color for years.

Examples of Queen Anne Dining Chairs

What is important to remember is that whatever the wood of choice, the table and chairs should be solid wood, not pressed.  The Queen Anne dining room set can be a selection that will stay with the family for years and be passed from one generation to another.  Dining room furniture generally is purchased once, maybe twice, in a person’s lifetime.  Select a style that you can live with forever and only buy quality.

Other furniture may be traded out over the adult lifetime.  For example, the kitchen dining table and chairs will be used for several years but often is traded for a different style or color during the consumer’s life.  The same holds true for the family room, especially the upholstered pieces.  However, it must be noted that most of us purchase one good quality formal dining set and one good quality living room setting.  We may add additional accent pieces, but the basics remain.

Queen Anne Dining Tables