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Tilt Top Table

Tilt top tables were perhaps among the first folding tables. Necessity would have dictated that early tables could be collapsed for easy moving. In the early 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, people in general were not living in permanent structures as we know them today. Often people were forced to move from place to place either for work or due to war.

In Colonial America tilt top tables and drop leaf tables were probably a necessity. Again, houses were often quite small and colonists were often moving, as exploration of the New World was a prime interest. The tilt top table would require far less room than a full size stationary table.

Used tilt top tables are not always plentiful at used furniture stores or at auctions.  However, when you find one there are a few things to look for before making a purchase or a bid. First of all, as always, set a price you are willing to pay for a used tilt top table whether [...]

Butler Heritage Tilt Top Game Table

The Butler Heritage Tilt Top Game Table is an excellent example of a reproduction of a fine style of tilt top table used for games.  This particular table is 29″ high with a top diameter of 30″. Table features a built-in chess or checkers game.  Of course, the top tilts or folds for optimal space usage.  [...]

Tables were probably one of the first pieces of furniture to come into existence.  We know that chairs were brought into popularity, perhaps the first stool with a back, during the Jacobean period.  However, it is probable that tables have been around for about as long as man has needed a place to put something.  [...]