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Kitchen Table


The round kitchen table is often a good choice when looking for a table to fill the small corner of the kitchen or a small breakfast room.  Often, buyers will look for a square or rectangular table to "fit" the space without taking into consideration the advantages of round vs. square.  For some reason, some [...]

farmhouse kitchen table

For all practical purposes, when most of us think of the country kitchen table and chairs we could just as well be talking about the farmhouse kitchen table.  The names seem to be so interchangeable that there is no difference in furniture design or style, only in our references. While technically, there are no differences [...]


It really does not matter how formal the home decor may or may not be, the kitchen is usually the room that is relaxed and comfortable.  Depending on the size of the kitchen, often a small table with chairs can be found in a corner of the family's favorite room.  If not in the exact [...]