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Console Tables

Console tables were designed to fill wall space voids during the reign of Louis XIV.

Perhaps, one of the most sought after accessory pieces of furniture, console tables are used primarily as decorative pieces rather than for utility.

For that special place where space is limited.

The antique console table is one of the most sought after pieces of antique furniture.  Perhaps, it is so desired because there are so few really high quality authentic antique tables available.  Most collectors know what they have and do not want to sell. For anyone looking for an authentic antique, be ready to pull [...]

By design most console tables are narrow.  The whole point of including a console table in the home decor is to fill a void along a wall or behind the sofa.  For the most part these tables are non-functional except as a display piece.  Most of us could do without them — except for eye [...]

Until recent decades console tables were only used as display pieces.  Beyond that they were not functional.  However, as the evolution continued furniture designers found that narrow drawers would not detract, but in some cases add value and visual appeal.  It must be clear that some styles and designs still persist as display pieces only.  [...]

The console table is a narrow table that was primarily designed to fill a vacant space along a wall, especially in a hallway where there is little decor.  To break the monotony and create a little style, hall console tables are a wise choice.  Often we see pictures or mirrors hanging on a wall along [...]

The console table may be one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture when creating a home decor.  In fact, the narrow table may be an after thought in many cases.  Originally designed as a display piece with little real function other than filling a space along a wall, with modern variations the console table [...]

Simple Glass top table in white

Deciding on a white console table as an addition to the home decor can be tricky.  When considering a white accent table, one of the primary concerns is the shade of white.  Another consideration is the style and the placement of the furniture. The simple white table to the left offers a two panel glass [...]

Black Console Table

Console tables can best be described as accent pieces.  Of all the furniture purchased for the home, the console table is one of the few pieces that is purchased separately.   It is not included as a part of a living room suite or any other furniture set.  This table is the one piece that relies [...]

The oak console table is one that is commonly found in many of the more casual areas of the home.  Oak is a wood that offers a heavier and more substantial appearance and is often associated with casual furniture, although it can be used for any style.  The grain of the oak, especially when stained [...]

The idea of a glass console table was sure to be a favorite, as the tables evolved from the days of Louis XIV.  When the concept of the small half table came into being, hallways were larger and far wider than many rooms in modern homes.  The king’s halls were actually waiting rooms for those [...]

While it is true that console tables were the idea of Louis XIV for the Chateau de Versailles, they have migrated from the 17th century to the present taking on new shapes and forms that are sure to delight those with an eye for the contemporary.  No longer gilded, the modern console table styles can [...]