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Most kitchens have a need for seating in one form or another.  Kitchen bar stools are a favorite and most useful for the family who eats breakfast at the bar.  Occasionally, we see regular height kitchen stools placed around the kitchen table, but for the most part, those days are gone.  For all practical purposes [...]

Antique William and Mary Dining Chairs

The antique William and Mary dining chairs pictured above are among the best examples I have seen of the William and Mary style.  These two chairs were sold with the other four matching chairs at auction. The dining chairs pictured are made of walnut, the wood of favor during the William and Mary era.  It is [...]

Set of Four Authentic Jacobean Dining Chairs

The set of four antique Jacobean dining chairs above demonstrates the square feet that were common during the earlier Jacobean era or the Cromwellian period.  The stretchers are turned in the front to soften the rigid look common to many of the earliest Jacobean pieces. Although upholstery is rare for Jacobean period furniture, dining chairs would have been [...]