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murphy bed

Studio apartment? Or, very small single? Daybed or Murphy bed? Check our list of pros and cons.


Without a doubt, the daybed with trundle is one of the least thought of pieces of furniture unless someone lives in a small apartment or condo.  Occasionally, the thought of adding a daybed to the decor enters our minds around the holiday season when unexpected guests pop in and we would like to invite them [...]

Cottage style furniture is special.  It often mirrors the personality of the home owner or apartment dweller.  While it is not inconceivable that cottage style decor fits into our larger homes with a bit of ease, most of us think of cottage style as a compact style that fits into our bungalows or as the [...]

Wooden Stickley-style Daybed with Trundle

Just when you thought the daybed was the answer to your sleeping situation in a small apartment, a spare bedroom, or any other living space where another bed is needed, the daybed with trundle offers even more sleeping space.  Whether the need is for a kids bedroom so a friend can sleep over or for [...]

The thick pillows and cushions along the back of the daybed reduce the depth of the seat.

There are numerous advantages to having a daybed.  But, before we discuss the advantages it may be useful to answer a few other questions. A daybed is a twin bed (most often) that has three sides, giving it the appearance of a deep couch.   The picture above is a good example of a daybed frame. Simply put, [...]