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How to Buy for Your Home

I don’t know how many times I have been asked if someone should buy used furniture.  The answer is an overwhelming “YES.”  Of course, there are caveats to the answer.  And, there are things you should know about what type of used furniture to buy and where the best places are to purchase used furniture.  [...]

Buying used furniture for the home is a great way to save money and purchase quality furnishings if the buyer keeps a few things in mind.  The general rule is to buy anything solid, like used wood furniture, used wrought iron furniture, used wicker furniture or used iron or brass furniture.  Of course that pretty [...]

It is best to avoid purchasing upholstered used furniture, especially if you are new to buying used furniture.  Even the most veteran of buyers and sellers and dealers can end up with a purchase that would have been better left alone.  The truth is that all of us will buy an upholstered piece sooner or [...]

Buying a drop leaf table from a used furniture store or a thrift shop can be one way of saving money on the purchase.  Of course, my favorite shopping place for used tables, drop leaf or other styles, is at local auctions.  The prices are often as good as it can get.  However, there are [...]

More and more of us are working from our home offices and thankful that we do not have to get up, get dressed, or drive to the office complex.  Used office furniture can be a wonderful addition to the home office without giving up style. Right now is one of the best times to purchase [...]

First of all I must confess that my favorite place to buy  is at a used furniture auction.When visiting local auctions most include used furniture as well as smalls.  Smalls are glassware, pottery, and just about anything that can sit on a table or fit into a box.  Furniture auctions are fun but most of [...]

Almost every town, large or small, has one or more used furniture antique malls.  Once upon a time there were few but as time has passed sellers have realized that there is a difference between a thrift store and a collectible or antique store.  Sometimes it is difficult to decide if a piece of furniture [...]

Shopping for used furniture in thrift stores and charity stores can be an adventure in patience and perseverance but it can be rewarding for those who endure. The same basic rules apply for what to buy.  Look for solid furniture, wood, outdoor patio furniture, wrought iron.  Avoid used upholstered furniture at all costs. With those [...]

When we set out to search for used furniture, many of us first think of the used furniture stores.  Of course, we expect to find used furniture in them.  However, quite often we are somewhat disappointed to find a large variety of cook stoves, a few used refrigerators, and lots and lots of beds and [...]

When it is time to purchase home furniture and all the home furnishings we all too often realize that we do not know our style.  A few things to keep in mind before purchasing furniture: Decide on your style. Decide on your colors. Decide on the shade of wood that you prefer. That all seems [...]

Thrift stores and used furniture stores are not what most people think they are.  And, quite often “antique auctions” do not live up to the hype.  Shopping for used twin beds for the kids’ bedroom can be a great savings for the family while providing a wonderful way to decorate.  For now, the discussion is [...]

Most of us have seen the pretty pictures in the home and garden magazines of all the most beautiful furniture we could ever dream of.  We see the complete living room or the complete dining room set or perhaps the bedroom suite that includes a few lounging chairs to complete the room decor.  We have [...]