How Narrow is a Narrow Console Table?

By design most console tables are narrow.  The whole point of including a console table in the home decor is to fill a void along a wall or behind the sofa.  For the most part these tables are non-functional except as a display piece.  Most of us could do without them — except for eye appeal.

These tables generally have a width between 14″ and 18″.  Of course, there are some designs with the half moon table top that are actually deeper.  The narrow console table would be considered to be between 14″ and 16″ in width and are mostly in the rectangular shape rather than the half moon design.

Using a Narrow Console Table Safely

The most obvious place to use a narrow console table is the hallway, particularly in halls that are only about 36″ to 40″ wide.  It makes sense that we would not want to use a table that took up half the width of the hallway.

One of the problems we generally run into when placing an extremely narrow table in the hall, providing it fits the hall dimensions, is that most halls are not carpeted.  Carpet, especially thicker carpeting, can make the narrow table a little less substantial.  In other words, these tables could tip over.  Particularly for families with young children who may try to grab hold of the leg to pull up or reach for something on the table, the table can be anchored to the wall.  This is recommended for these tables, just as for bookcases or large narrow entertainment centers.

A very narrow selection should not be used behind the sofa.  For families with children, the child may be climbing on the sofa and try to climb over the back of the sofa to get to the top of the table.  This could be very dangerous, and even more so if the table has a glass or mirrored top.

Do not give up safety for style.  A table can be replaced, a child cannot.