13 Design Elements of Sheraton Furniture

Thomas Sheraton was a breath of fresh air as far as furniture design goes.  Of course, he was a rather dull and apparently less than friendly sort in his personal life.  There is little we can say about that.  However, when looking at the furniture of Thomas Sheraton these are the primary elements to look for:

  1. The legs were turned and tapered, often reeded and fluted with slender feet.  Occasionally legs like the ones found on Hepplewhite are found.
  2. Chair backs are generally rectangular, well proportioned with light members, and very well constructed.
  3. Chair seats were square but slightly tapered toward the back.
  4. Cabinets were tall, simple, but beaurtifully ornamented.
  5. The proportions of Sheration are beautiful and very appealing to the eye.
  6. Primary ornaments were veneers and inlays, carvings were in the second place and painting was the third place.
  7. Predominantly straight lines were used although curves are found on the fronts.
  8. Of particular note is that many Sheraton pieces have two functions, appearing to be one but converting to another.
  9. Lots of oval motifs.
  10. Cabinet tops have modified pediments.
  11. Mahogany was the primary wood, also used in the veneers, and used to contrast with lighter woods.
  12. Ornament was classic and dainty, much taken from the Louis XVI style.
  13. Upholstered pieces showed stiped materials.

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