11 Characteristics of the Queen Anne Style

Queen Anne Style

The Queen Anne style is perhaps most recognizable by the cabriole legs.  However, there are other elements of design that are equally attributed to the Queen Anne period.  A brief summary of the main characteristics include:

  1. Cabriole legs.
  2. The prolific use of the cyma curve in design which also aids the structure.
  3. Lack of stretchers and lower bracing used by the previous periods.
  4. Broken pediments or bonnet tops for taller pieces of furniture.
  5. Horse-shoe shaped seats in chairs.
  6. Spoon backed chairs
  7. Carved shells on the knees of the cabriole legs and the skirts and aprons.
  8. The use of walnut as the wood of choice.
  9. Curved aprons, refined and adapted from the William and Mary period.
  10. Chairs with “fiddle” backs.
  11. General rectangular structure.


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