Country Kitchen Tables and Chairs

It really does not matter how formal the home decor may or may not be, the kitchen is usually the room that is relaxed and comfortable.  Depending on the size of the kitchen, often a small table with chairs can be found in a corner of the family’s favorite room.  If not in the exact same room, many of us now have breakfast rooms or nooks that are designed for casual meals.  Please note that often country kitchen tables can be purchased without the chairs.

What to Look for in Country Kitchen Tables and Chairs:

  • Wood finish top, usually oak, is typical
  • Pedestal base or turned legs
  • Often painted areas as well as natural stains, in combination
  • Windsor Chairs or Slat back chairs, or the open panel chair back
  • Smaller than formal dining tables
  • Two or four chairs
  • The wood is often a lighter color stain, such as maple or white oak.

Country Butcher Block Kitchen Table and Chairs

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One of the most popular sets for the kitchen or the breakfast room is a country kitchen table and chairs.  Among the most popular styles of country kitchen tables is the country butcher block table.

The table top is stained and acrylic coated wood that adds durability to the top.  Although it is not recommended that the kitchen table be used for chopping or cutting food, the top is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use.

The table skirt and legs are painted white, as are the matching chairs.  To increase the continuity of style, the chair seats match the table top.

This country kitchen table measures 60″ x 36″ and is the standard height of 29″.  While smaller than a formal dining table, the rectangular style and design makes it a perfect fit for a kitchen or breakfast room.  Again, unlike formal dining sets, there are four chairs rather than six or eight.  This is the perfect picture of casual breakfast room dining for the family.

Round country kitchen table and chairs

The other common style of kitchen table and chairs for family dining is the round pedestal table with Windsor chairs.

The round pedestal table has an oak finish, which is very much in keeping with the country style.  The Windsor chairs have the curved backs that gently embrace the body at rest, creating the perfect setting for a family chat.

Looking for Solid Wood, The Key to a Country Kitchen

When selecting the country kitchen table and chair set be sure to look for solid pieces that are sturdy.  This table and the chairs will receive some of the hardest wear in the home.  Of course, as time goes by the table and chairs can be stained or painted to change the look or update the family eating area.

Please note that most country kitchen chair legs and table legs are turned, often with a spindle design.  Occasionally, a Windsor chair may have less design, but the from legs at the very minimum will be turned.  Additionally, the chair seat and the table top will not have sharp corners, even on a rectangular shaped table top.  The edges will be rounded and smooth.  All this was originally done to not only show off craftsmanship but also helped in softening the overall visual appeal.

An Example of Modern Country Kitchen Tables and Chairs

The county kitchen or dining area table and chairs to the right are by Oxford.  Pretty enough for a dining room, the five piece set is ideal for the small family breakfast nook or as a filler in the kitchen.

It is important to note that while this set is dark and the table top is the same darker shade of stain as the chair seats, this set is ideal for some country style home decors.  What is most important is the style of the legs that brand this set as perfect for the kitchen.

As modern times have influenced our tastes and our home interior preferences, this updated styling in the country kitchen furniture must be included.  Unlike the pieces shown above, while designed in the country style, this is definitely a more formal styling.