Color Schemes

Traditionally, when a renter takes an apartment its interior walls are all the same when it comes to color schemes: white, not white-white, but Navajo White or something very close.  When contractors build houses to sell on the market rather than custom building for a particular buyer often the interior is painted an off-white color.  It is a safe selection.  Any color and every color will go inside a white room.

Why White Walls?

There are times when white walls (never pure white, but shades of white) are a good choice.  In ultra-modern home styles, white walls are often seen as a backdrop to bold primary colors in the interior.

Most of us live with white walls because:

  • Our landlords will not allow painting with any other color,
  • We lack the confidence to choose a color scheme,
  • We actually like white.

The truth is that most of us wish we dared change the wall color but are timid about creating color schemes on our own.

Basics of Color Schemes

When selecting color schemes for your homes and for your home decor it is best to begin with two basic colors and a third accent color.  This little rule of thumb keeps you safe when the decorating starts.

One of the best ways to create a color scheme that suits you and your home is to take a trip to the paint store.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of cards with paint colors, already put together for visual effect.  Some paint stores now have chip cards for specialty styles.  For example, living in the south as I do, I have noticed quite a few stores carrying chip cards that are specifically designed for Georgian style homes or for the country farmhouse.  There are such colors as a dark rusty red from the Revolutionary War scheme or a gray-blue color named Confederate blue.  You get the idea.

paint chip cardsThe chip cards are ideal for those of us who “know what we like when we see it” but cannot quite wrap our minds around a color scheme from imagination.

Another advantage of the chip cards with three or four colors that complement and accent one another is that they provide a confidence builder.  Some of us never get really comfortable coming up with a complete color scheme, so the card chips help us pick out what we like.

Many young adults have had little experience when it comes to home decor.  Many may have an idea of what they want, but not be able to comfortably complete the color scheme.  The chip cards are most helpful.

I guess I am offering this as Step One in selecting a color scheme for your home decor.  We will delve much deeper into color combinations in time, but for now, let’s become familiar with the concept of the three color scheme and build from there.

Once you think you have your color scheme selected, please take the time to read what you need to know about paint colors before you buy your wall paints and trim paints.