Buying Used Office Furniture for the Home Office

Used office furniture in the homeMore and more of us are working from our home offices and thankful that we do not have to get up, get dressed, or drive to the office complex.  Used office furniture can be a wonderful addition to the home office without giving up style.

Right now is one of the best times to purchase used office furniture.  With the recent economic downturn offices are closing or slimming down.  Of course, for those of us who work from home, now is the time to take advantage of every golden opportunity and furnish our home offices with more style at less cost than we could have imagined a couple of years ago.

Where are the best places to purchase used office furniture?

sleek used home office furniture including desk and cabinetThe number one answer is from an executive’s office.  Please note that I am saying “executive” office.  After all if we are going to get a bargain, we may as well get the best used office furniture.  Again, there has never been so good a time to get a bargain on used office furniture that is of the highest quality.  To get the best used office furniture go to the best offices.

How do I find the executive’s used office furniture?

used office furniture for the homeThe real key to finding the executive’s used office furniture is to keep your eyes and ears open for office and business closings.  Generally, the classifieds are the last place I look for used furniture.  In the case of office furniture it is usually the place I begin.

When searching the classifieds for used office furniture, I often look under liquidations, or bankruptcies, or notices of store closings.

The local television news programs are another great resource.  When you hear that a corporation is laying off people, it may be time to give the office a call.  It is simple.  Just ask if the lay-offs mean a cut back in office workers.  Office workers sit at office furniture.  Of course, you don’t want the dented metal desk, but getting your foot in the door is what you want to do.  Once inside the building, start inquiring about executive furniture.

modern used office furniture is a good find if it complements the home decorOften businesses, especially retail businesses that are going out of business will begin by having a going out of business sale or a liquidation sale.  There is usually a desk somewhere in the building.  It may or may not suit your needs.  Do not forget that often businesses hold a final auction of the office furniture and fixtures.

Lately, one of my favorite places to shop for used executive office furniture is at the bank.  With so many banks closing their doors many branch offices have used office furniture for sale.  Who ever saw anything but the best office furniture in a bank?

Why can I get such a good deal on used office furniture?

used office furniture beyond the deskMost of us have sentiment attached to our personal possessions.  That is not so with the executive.  The executive does not own the furniture.  The company or the corporation owns the furniture and at best the liquidator is fully aware that no matter how nice or expensive the office suite may be, on the market it is used office furniture.

When businesses start closing down they do not want to go to the expense of moving furniture and storing it.  In most cases the business itself is going out of existence.  When a business closes, it liquidates.

What should I look for?

Quality, quality, quality!  A bargain is not a bargain if you pay a low price for something that is not good quality.  Only buy quality used office furniture.

This is really a buy beware note:  Do not get caught up in the idea of saving money just because the price is low.  Look for the quality first, then negotiate the price.

Can I get all styles of used office furniture?

complete used home officeOf course, there are all styles of used office furniture for sale.  In smaller towns generally I have found that the office furniture being sold is very traditional.  However, if it means driving a few extra miles to find something that is modern you may want to do it.  There are all styles of used office furniture on the market today.

I like the style but should I buy it?

placement of the desk can create more spaceThere are two things to consider before you think about buying used office furniture.  First, is the style compatible with the furniture in your home.  After all, you do not want the office furniture you bring home to look totally separate from the other furniture.  You want the used office furniture to complement your home decor.

Second, size matters.  Do not buy office furniture that will crowd your home office.  Decide what size desk you can use and shop for it.  Do not think a desk will shrink to fit into your home office once you get it home.

Or, on occasion you may find the perfect home office furniture new — online.