Furniture should be fun.  It should be enjoyable.  It should be comfortable.  And, it should be affordable!

Furniture should not be intimidating.  Shopping for furniture and our other home furnishings can become a rather daunting and intimidating task.  When most of us begin to think about purchasing furniture we are excited about the idea.  Usually by the time we have visited our second or third furniture store we begin to feel a little let down and perhaps a little inadequate.  This site is dedicated to you!

From my point of view many furniture sales people, auctioneers, and estates sales managers seem to look at a prospective customer as prey.  I can remember when I was a lot younger and didn’t know the furniture jargon.  I knew what I liked when I saw it.  That was about it.  Furniture sales people must have seen me coming.  They threw words at me that had no meaning, such as “spade foot,” “reeded leg,” “oval inlay motif” — just to mention a few.  With each word or phrase I felt smaller and the price tag grew larger.

However, my love of furniture outweighed the intimidation.  I stumbled a few times.  In fact, the first living room suite my husband and I bought looked marvelous in the store.  When we got it home reality set in.  It was a Mediterranean sectional that we had planned to fit around two walls in our small living room.  Instead, we discovered that we needed to saw off about half the end piece on one side and discard an entire piece on the other.  Heaven only knows where we thought we would put the huge round chair.  There was no room for it.

I had grown up with Victorian antiques, petite and dainty for the most part.  Perhaps, I liked the big gawky furniture we purchased because it looked like something we could actually sit on.  I don’t know.  But, over the years I learned a lot about furniture, about how to buy it at the best price, and how to follow my own intuition.

Shopping for furniture should be fun.  Above all, armed with a little bit of knowledge the shopper can make wise decisions and not be overly influenced by the opinions of others.  One of the first lessons in shopping for furniture is that the sales people — in every sales environment — are going to try to sell you on what they have.  Makes sense.  And, every auctioneer is going to pull out a book with a picture of a similar piece — usually of museum quality — and tell you how much the piece he has up for auction is worth.

The intention of this site is to:

  • occasionally offer a little history of furniture by the style or era
  • teach a little of the jargon, especially definitions of the most common terms
  • encourage the consumer to shop beyond the retail furniture store with confidence
  • and teach you how to enjoy shopping for quality furniture at bargain prices.

Feeling comfortable with furniture styles is easier than you may think.  It is our hope that you will enjoy the site and offer your own comments and contributions.

Happy furniture shopping,