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Welcome to Home, Furniture and Furnishings!

Craftsman style bungalow


Moving into your first apartment?  Building or buying your first home?  Remodeling a classic, such as The Craftsman (shown left)?  Let us show you a layout of a Studio apartment or the floor plan of the basic two bedroom bungalow.  As we begin our journey through styles of homes, click the house (left) and come along!



Learn the styles of furniture, where to shop, what to look for, and the fun of finding treasures for the home.

Learn to combine styles for a special decor that has plenty of eye appeal and is distinctly yours.




This is where personality shines!  Selecting the furnishings such as the bedding, the rugs, window treatments, and all the accents and elements of the decor is where the home decorator can shine.



Home, furniture, and furnishings is your guide to style, design, and decor.  Come along on our journey!